Top 5 Largest Goliath Groupers Caught


In this episode, we recall the Top Five Biggest Goliath Groupers ever caught on BlacktipH. Number Five was an estimated 400+lb goliath grouper caught fishing with NFL Linebacker Sam Barrington. Number Four was an estimated 500+lb goliath grouper that I caught in 2014 using a handline. At the time, this was the largest goliath grouper I’ve ever caught. Number Three was a truly monster goliath grouper caught by my buddy Trace Frieden. This fish weighed well over 600lbs! Number Two is currently the largest goliath grouper I’ve ever caught on rod and reel. This fish weighed more than 600lbs! The biggest goliath grouper ever caught was with my friend Max McKinley. This fish was scary big and must have weighed between 650-700lbs! This grouper literary weighed more than the hull of the boat we caught it on.