Found Some GIANTS in Tough Fishing Conditions


In this episode of BlacktipH, we go on our first fishing trip after Hurricane Dorian with my buddy Johnny Brooks from Australia. The conditions were very challenging; with strong winds, dirty water, and huge waves! Our objective was to try and catch any fish. As we were driving towards the inlet, Johnny noticed a massive school of monster Jack Crevalles. Both of us tossed our lures into the school of fish. On my second cast, I hooked a monster! After an intense fight, we landed the fish. The Jack Crevalle was one of the largest I’ve caught in a while (this fish must have weighed over 30lbs). Johnny hooked the next fish, and it was a Jack Crevalle. This fish was a new species for Johnny; he has never caught a Jack Crevalle before. As the day continued, Johnny caught another large Jack Crevalle (probably around 20lbs)