Effective Home Remedies For Vaginal Tightening


You may be very much conscious about your vaginal hygiene, but have you ever taken notice that the skin of your genitals may be turning little loose? You will experience this at some point of your life, no matter how much you take caution with your nether region. And don’t worry! This is a common concern of millions of middle-aged women present all-round the globe and can be treated easily.

So, how does it happen and how will it affect you?

Vaginal loosening can gradually occur at any stage of your life and a number of reasons may be acting behind it. The most common of them would be childbirth, aging or frequent sex. These explanations vary from one person to another and can be a combined effect of more than one reason acting on.

This pretty common health disorder can affect the individual mentally, physically and most importantly ‘sexually’. You may experience a dramatic decrease in pleasure & quality of sex and lose intimacy with your partner. Overall, it affects the confidence of women and should be taken care of.

Take care of it yourself

If you are least interested in making this a doctor’s affair and sort this out with home remedies, then we are to your rescue. Jasmin review helps you about the usage of this gel. Home remedies are as much effect as any other medicine and help to provide your genital skin with a firmer pull. They are easy to perform at your own schedules and will gradually enhance the elasticity of the skin muscles existing in the vaginal walls.

Well, the good news is that many of the home remedies are proven to be 100% effective in tightening your vaginal walls naturally with this v tight gel. So let’s take a look at what sort of home remedies we are so sure about and they can help us.

#1 Aloe Vera

This naturally growing plant is usually known by most of you. With the thick& fleshy appearance, the gel that the leaves are filled with will be used here.

Rich in vitamins like A & C and other minerals, folic acid and choline, the gel provides a crucial remedy to help tighten the vaginal walls. The gel is known to provide no side-effect and is quite popular in beverage, ointment and cosmetic industries used to treat minor burns and provide a soothing relief.

However, the gel can enhance the elasticity of the walls of your vagina much effectively than any other. Just extract the gel and with clean fingers, apply it around your vagina. For the rapid result, repeat this 4-5 times a day.

#2 Gooseberries

Native to Southeast Asia and Northwestern Africa, Gooseberries are commonly used in deserts or may be eaten as it is.

The fruits are rich in anthocyanin and flavones that are known to provide benefits against cancer, aging, neurological disorders and inflammation. Also, the wide array of minerals, vitamins, and polyphenols including proteins like omega 3 fatty acids, superoxide dismutase, vitamins like A, B6 & B1 are present. They all serve good to our body.

Boil the fruits and make juice out of them. Apply this juice 2-3 times around your vagina, both inside and outside.

#3 Curcuma Comosa

A special plant in the ginger family, this flowering plant has ginger-like roots has phenomenal effects on your vagina. It’s quite popular because of its positive effect on vaginal. With its regular use, a prolapsed vagina can prevent and many other related issues can be cured.

So how to make good use of Curcuma? Just extract the juice of its root and with clean hands apply it on the vaginal region. You may see productive results within a month itself.

#4 PuerariaMirifica

This herb is immensely popular to restore strength and elasticity to vaginal muscles and also provide suppleness to the vagina.

The herb is astringent rich, which helps to achieve the natural elasticity of pelvic muscles and ultimately tightening the vagina.  Also, the anti-aging property compelled within this herb helps to assure the same suppleness that you enjoyed in your youth.

So to firm up and tighten your vagina to its natural strength, apply it around the vulva opening and feel the rapid restoration of the natural health of vaginal walls.

There are many other plan related remedies to help you with this health disorder. Black Cohosh or Actaea racemose, Witch Hazel shrub and Oak Gall are pretty common to help you with the home remedy.

Another important home remedy is yoga. It’s a very powerful form of exercise with the very effective liberation of higher levels of perception with good health. Make it your everyday routine.

It should be mentioned that the effectiveness of these home remedies depend on many factors like the usage frequency or the extent to which the disorder has extended. Be patient while you try out these remedies and never disappoint if expected results don’t show up soon.