Download Top 5 Best Alternatives to Kik for PC


You have grown to love Kik Online Login PC, however, want a native computer option that will not leave you dealing through downloading third party software as well as living with bugs and glitches. It’s entirely reasonable, which is why I have outlined under 5 alternate options to message anybody, anywhere, for free and on your PC. Maximum of the choices below have both PC and Mac options so no matter whatever platform you are on, you would be covered over it all.

One of the main things to note here is that a messaging app or service is only as potent as who it lets you connect with. If all of your friends usage an individual app, it will be much more valuable and fun to use that app.

  1. iMessage

iMessage is one of the most significant substitutes to Kik for PC while using it on your PC. iMessage permits you to send texts as you would a standard text but over your local internet linking. It syncs inevitably with your iPhone, iPad, and Mac Book Pro, iMac, iPod, etc. One of the greatest things about this choice is that it works enormously fine. The engineers at Apple have prepared it very easy and consistent. Just log in to your App Store account by using your Apple ID and password, and the whole thing from there is done in the background.

  1. Line

The line is used by over 450 million people, which means most probably your friends have downloaded it and have used it in the previous. On topmost of that, if you download the app, you could sync your contacts to see everybody that has Line in your contacts list.  You could also download the app on to your Windows computer or Mac, giving you the alternative to syncing all of your messages crossways all of your devices.

  1. Skype

A significant feature of Skype that is not accessible in a lot of the additional alternatives is that you can call anybody’s cell phone or home phone over Skype, nationally and internationally. If you are creating a domestic or international call it’s super inexpensive and a much better choice than using your private cell phone to call somebody.

  1. WeChat

WeChat is similar to the app Line in a lot of methods. It lets you send and receive messages online as well as has alternatives for downloading the app on to your Mac. One of the choices for WeChat that differentiates it is its web customer. Though, you must have by now signed up for WeChat on a mobile device as you would have to scan the QR code delivered to validate your account.

  1. Gchat

Gchat is a function constructed into Gmail through Google. Practically everybody these days has Gmail, which means most probably all or maximum of your friends have the aptitude to send and receive messages over Gchat. Just log in to your Gmail account as well as turn on the conversation functionality. Google would automatically sync your contacts to you can see every one of your friends that has Gmail as well as can conversation with you.