Casio Digital Pianos | Celviano and Privia Digital Pianos


Casio has been making melodic instruments utilizing continually advancing innovation. Today, players of all levels appreciate Casio instruments at home, in front of an audience, and in the studio. For more than 300 years, the piano has been held onto around the globe as a vehicle for aesthetic articulation. Its plan has advanced through time, however the central structure is still consistent with custom.

Casio’s vision is to convey the piano experience to the following level by applying its mechanical skill, and to make an instrument that would excite the most requesting and customary musician. Presently, Casio starts another section in the rich history of piano with the CELVIANO Grand Hybrid.

The Celviano Grand Hybrid is a progressive new piano, created as a team with incredibly famous piano producer C. Bechstein. These Hybrid great pianos reliably reproduce casio digital piano the character and tone of three incredible pianos that start in Berlin, Hamburg, and Vienna The “Characteristic Grand Hammer Action” is made with full-sized wooden keys and genuine sledges for extreme realness. Snap here to take in more about Celviano Grand Hybrid pianos.

Celviano Digital Grand Pianos

The Celviano line of pianos has been refined for the individuals who request a credible great piano experience. Celviano’s customary plan houses new stereo great piano sounds and upgraded console activity. Using another tri-sensor spring-less 88 note scaled sledge activity, each subtlety and detail of your execution is caught. Another 4 layer stereo amazing piano solid is conveys a characteristic, expressive and dynamic piano experience.

Grand Experience

The great piano sounds Celviano convey a phenomenal level of authenticity and articulation. Four dynamic levels of stereo piano examples are incorporated with Casio’s exclusive Linear Morphing System, for a terrific piano solid with consistent changes and a prevalent dynamic range. For included authenticity, Celviano advanced pianos mimic the sound of open strings when the dampers are raised by the pedal utilizing Acoustic Resonance DSP.

Privia Digital Pianos

Privia computerized pianos rethink the advanced piano classification with exceptional sound quality and execution includes in a jazzy, exquisite outline that is especially compact. Highlighting magnificent amazing piano sounds and another Tri-Sensor 88 note scaled mallet activity console and a few models weighing just 25 lbs., the Privia computerized pianos are sufficiently flexible for any home, studio, or stage


To repeat the sound of the finest acoustic stupendous pianos, the new Privia arrangement includes Casio’s exclusive AiR (Acoustic and wise Resonator) processor. Getting to more than three times the memory of the past age, the AiR processor uses excellent piano specimens recorded at four progression examining to convey amazing piano sounds with long common rots and noteworthy articulation. To promote the great piano experience, AiR includes authenticity by reenacting the sound of the open strings when the dampers are raised by the pedal.